About FORTITUDE Evolutions, Inc.

FORTITUDE Evolutions, Inc. is all about educating, enhancing, and maximizing our clients' fitness level to reach their goals and beyond, applying a scientific, creative, and inspirational approach. FORTITUDE Evolutions, Inc. uses periodization* to increase our clients' fitness level accordingly to their pace for the Long Island Kettlebell Club Group Training and One-on-One Performance Fitness Coaching.

I have been saying the mantra "DO IT!" since 2003 because I am inspired by its power and simplicity. Life is all about getting what you want. You must take action of your mind in order to receive ALL of your desires. With your mind you can attract anything you desire in your life. Putting your mind to great use would be thoughts of POSITIVE energy enhancing your attraction of desires. This known as The Law Of Attraction. Have fun with all this! DO IT! DO IT NOW! DO IT AGAIN! JUST DO IT!

*Periodization is the process of varying training variables at regular time intervals to bring about optimal gains in the client's fitness level. There are many training variables to consider in the client's program and they will be based on client's current fitness level and fitness goal(s). Some examples of training variables are: rest interval, load, and exercise type.