Warrior Log Training at its Infancy – Anthony First Client of Warrior Log Training

Hello Warriors,

As the fall season approaches the weather is cooling down, all Warrior Logs are calling all Warriors to awaken them from their slumber!

I have started training my first Warrior Log client Anthony last weekend outside on a beautiful day. We have used various Warrior Logs and exotic Warrior Log exercises to stimulate his adaptation to training.

Anthony has over 10 years of strength training experience, he has worked with many great trainers including me. Currently he is regularly training in a great gym in New York City with a great trainer named Eddie. He took a plunge and decided to give Warrior Log training a go and he came out to “Strong Island” to deeply immerse himself with nature’s beast, The Warrior Log.

Training outside promotes vigor and change from training indoors as the common theme for gym rats. Getting fresh air into your lungs while pursing feats of Warrior Log strength. This a great way to break up your training rut and stimulate your training results all while having fun!

Check out all pics below as Anthony pushes his body into the Warrior Log zone.


Warrior Log Push Press



Warrior Anthony Gets Ready To Attack!



Warrior Anthony Meditating Into A Warrior State of Mind…



Prepping for the Warrior Log Floor Press



Warrior Log Front Squat: Warrior Anthony Easily Lowers Himself Into Rock Bottom Position



Warrior Log Floor Press



Warrior Log Floor Bent Over Row



Warrior Log Pullup: Warrior Anthony Grabbing the Bull By Its Horns



Warrior Anthony Looking Pretty With the Warrior Log



Warrior Log Shoulder Walk: Warrior Anthony Finalizing the Workout


Happy Warrior Log training!

The Way Of the Warrior

Inspired to strength train like the old school strong men with the most basic of equipment, there is one specific piece that is universally available, and that is tree logs. There are many ways to train with tree logs. As part of our hardcore strength training, we’ll be exploring and training with tree logs. Logs can be cut and shaped in all different shapes and sizes. The best part about train with tree logs is you can get them for free.

We call this Warrior Log Training.

“The many hosts of warriors, some went to highland mountains and erected beautiful castles of crystal.”  ~ Chögyam Trungpa