One-on-One Performance Fitness Coaching

In order to constantly make fitness progress, your training routine must constantly change. This is done by Professional Performance Trainers whom are capable of manipulating a wide array of fitness variables at your level in which you will complete your custom designed Progressive Program. In the end you will obtain your fitness goals and you will feel great! You will definitely reap benefits in this program when working with a Professional Performance Trainer by maximizing your health and fitness!

As shown in the above graph, when you perform the same routine for more than six weeks you will plateau in your fitness level. This has been proven by extensive research. Statistics show 33% gym members performing the same routine cancel their membership within twelve weeks because they are no longer making fitness progress.

A FORTITUDE Professional Performance Trainer will perform a 30 minute Needs Analysis to discuss your fitness goals, measure your current level of fitness, and make recommendations based on these result. The Performance Trainer will design a customized progressive training goals based your Needs Analysis results and take you through all four stages. When all stages are completed, you'll return to stage one, but at an advanced level. You'll continue to go through each stage at higher levels; therefore your results continue to improve steadily. Your brain and body will aspire progressive challenges ahead.

Your Four Stage Custom Program

Stage 1 - Beginner

Build the foundation. Perform basic exercise training to develop overall basic strength and conditioning preparing for following stages.

Stage 2 - Intermediate

Build the structure. Perform intermediate exercise training to develop overall intermediate strength and condition.

Stage 3 - Advance

Build the engine. Learn initial power exercises to develop athletic skill and improve lean body.

Stage 4 - Master/Specialist

Optimize the engine. Master your domain of movement skills in your specific sport and/or life activities.

Now with your lean body and athletic performance you have become the ultimate machine - looking your best and performing your best!

Once the fourth stage is completed the training program goes back to the first stage at a more advance level to guarantee even better results with continued training.

One-on-One performance fitness coaching is a complete customized training solution to maximize client's fitness level and needs. FORTITUDE Evolutions, Inc. uses progressive periodization* techniques based on experience and knowledge in the growing fitness industry. Christian will be coaching you throughout for each training session to achieve maximum results.

Each training solution is custom designed based on client's current fitness level, needs and individual fitness goals to effectively, efficiently, and optimally achieve the client's specific fitness goal(s). These are custom solutions specifically designed for each client. We are serious about achieving maximized results! In order to customize your solution FORTITUDE includes a complementary 30-minute needs analysis at beginning of your training program.

How It Works

Research has shown that performing the same routine for more than six weeks leads you to plateau in your fitness results. Therefore, FORTITUDE Evolutions, Inc. uses periodization in allowing our clients' fitness level to progress accordingly to their pace. Periodization allows you to break through your plateau barriers and not get stuck at the same level. All of your training variables will be recorded so that your progress is constantly kept on track.

The training will involve use of a multitude of implements such as but not limited to: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, bands, chains, thick barbells, and odd objects. If the client wants to focus on just one implement such as kettlebells in their One-on-One program we can do that as well.

Your Commitment

In signing up for a program, the client is committing to achieve a much better fitness and performance level than they are at now. These top quality programs services are based on everything that FORTITUDE Evolutions, Inc. has learned since 1998 of experienced training. FORTITUDE Evolutions, Inc. continues to research and update knowledge in the fitness industry by researching latest techniques by many sources so we can provide TOP quality of service and results for you!

Each session is 1-hour. All costs must be paid upon registration. A 24-hour notice of cancellation is required for ALL sessions or you will be charged for the session(s).

Please contact Christian Lombardo directly via email to discuss costs, details or signup your One-on-One training program:

We are serious about achieving maximum results!

*Periodization is the process of varying training variables at regular time intervals to bring about optimal gains in the client's fitness level. There are many training variables to consider in the client's program and they will be based on client's current fitness level and fitness goal(s). Some examples of training variables are: rest interval, load, and exercise type.