FORTITUDE - August 2006 - Issue #11

Welcome back everyone! Back in December 2005 I wrote the first six weeks of a complete 30 week general fitness program to lose 30 pounds of body fat and gain 15 pounds of muscle. Results will vary from person to person due to many variables in one's life. In order to obtain optimal fitness results you will need to optimize five things:
  1. Weight Training
  2. Cardiovascular Training
  3. Nutrition + Water Intake
  4. Sleep/Rest
  5. Stretching
Your training has to be challenging and progressive. After a good workout you should feel revived and energized. Your weight training workout should be one hour or less, if it is more you are not taking advantage of the body's natural hormone production. We will disregard phase two from March 2006 because the progression I set in this phase was too fast. So we will continue phase one from December 2005, and add phase two this month. Phase two is a twelve week program. Click here for the complete phase 2 program.

Weeks 7 - 12 is one grouping and weeks 13 - 18 is another grouping. By grouping I mean exercises that I have selected for these weeks. Also note that on pyramid days, there are no supersets. A pyramid is when you change the load from set to set, example 1x12,10,8. A superset is when you perform two different exercises with no rest, super sets are noted with letters after a number example: 3a. One Leg Box Squat 3b. Hand Stand Pushup. I did this to focus purely on strength for those days.

As Muhammed Ali once said, "It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself."

Enjoy this program!


"My heart and soul is vibrating like a volcano, and I am breathing like a dragon, The Fire of Life."