Fortitude - MARCH 2005
WELCOME to the first issue of Fortitude!
What is Fortitude?
A monthly newsletter to keep you motivated, informed, further educated, and excited about fitness and health. It will be kept short, exciting, and to the point. We will discuss various topics of health, strength, vitality and power. A simple and to the point newsletter to keep you all educated, excited, informed, and motivated. At one point I have been talking to you I was coming out with this exciting monthly newsletter.
You are getting this because you are either a family member, close friend, or a consistent client in the journey to optimal health and living life to the FULLEST! Some of you you have been training with me over four years where some of you have just started. The fact that you have a DESIRE to succeed in health is AWESOME! Congratulations as you are well taken care of! You want more from your body in which will allow you to feel great, look great, and do ALL great activities life has to offer.
I ALWAYS invite you to provide me with any feedback you may have on all my monthly newsletters. Also any questions you may have please feel free to ask.
Message of the Month:
All of us want something from our bodies. Some of you want to be BIG and lean, some of you just want to feel great, some of you want to strengthen weak areas, some of you want to strengthen old injuries. But what is the ULTIMATE reason we TRAIN soo hard for? Feel great, look great, and MOVE with optimal efficiency in this great world. We all have to move to survive. So we as might as well move the best we can by training properly and effectively. It goes back to the beginning of humankind that MOVEMENT is necessary for our survival. Today's technology is promoting humans to move less by using equipment and machines. Plus kids are in front of that television or computer screens like never before with video games, chatting with friends on the internet, and playing online video games with friends. This is crazy! What happened to the old ways we used to play outside together when we were a child? We must promote our children to move more, we must encourage them. Just crucial for health and survival. In America today 58 million people are obese! That is a HUGE number!
What does obesity do as we age? Well for one thing is makes you more deconditioned. It DOES NOT make you healthier.
Here are some risks of obesity:
So don't you think exercising, eating well (good nutrition), and sleep will only help you live a better life? Of course! We should control our health and not doctors. Believe it or not WE have control of our health NOT the doctor. The doctor can only help us when we help ourselves. Hippocrates once said "Natural forces within us are true healers of disease." And this is true. So till next time train hard, efficiently, and stay motivated! Most of ALL have FUN!
"My heart and soul is vibrating like a volcano, and I am breathing like a dragon, The Fire of Life."