"Christian has taken me to the next level, and just when I thought we were done he inspires me to go to the next. Being the person I have always wanted to be, lean and fit, strong and determined, has not only transformed my body, but has given me a stronger presence in all areas of life. Thank you Christian, your kettlebell workouts are amazing!"
Matthew A Earley New York, NY

"Christian is my trainer and a good friend. I work out with him once a week for the most grueling and satisfying hour of my week. Christian uses kettlebells as a basic tool but he works in some other interesting exercises to give you balance which keeps me growing. He's really organized (he keeps track of my progress on spreadsheets) and he motivates me during a difficult routine. I work out with him for one hour a week and it does the trick. I'm 35 years old and in the best shape of my life!"
Dominick Bakhtiar Syosset, NY

"Christian is a technical trainer. We have concentrated on kettlebells and a variety of special equipment: thick bars, sand bags; unusual grip devices, chains. In each case Christian has selected an unusual and effective way to focus exercises on specific strength requirements. Coupled with a no-nonsense approach this method has been effective and never dull! As he says, "just do it!" "
Joe Clark New York, NY

"Christian genuinely cares for his students. He brings enthusiasm to the sport and instills persistence in his students."
Jai Patel New York, NY

"I have been training with Christian for most of the last two years. That should already indicate how much I value working with him. But to get more specific: Christian is a great motivator, he is generous with his time and advice, and has taught me a lot that I will be able to take with me even when I will no longer be able to train with him. He is particularly good at keeping a balance between specific sports-related fitness, general strength training, and cardio fitness. The work with kettlebells has really helped my general strength and coordination. He brings great variety into the workouts so that they don't become boring. He pays close attention to technique, to make sure the exercises are being done properly and safely, and very often pushes me to do just a little more than I think I can do. As a result, I think I am in the best shape of my life."
James Kahn New York, NY

"Christian is by far the best trainer I have worked with. His knowledge of weight training, kettle bell training, body weight training, dinosaur training, and unconventional training methods, as well as human biology and physiology, and nutrition are unparalleled.

Christian knows of an almost unlimited number of ways to train each and every muscle in ones body and he has a very keen knowledge on what each movement and exercise does, why it works, and how. Additionally, his passion and personality are contagious and his powers of motivation and persuasion will keep you coming back for more and more (though many times a lot more sore!). Very soon after, you will notice, feel, and see some very real changes.

Even on days where I'm tired or sore or have a hundred other things going on, I look forward to my work outs with Christian for all the above reasons. As he says: Rest when you're dead and just DO IT!"
PH New York, NY

"Christian has really helped me break through a long gestating plateau in my workout regiment over the past 6 months. Combining a great deal of kettlebell training, and super-set, multiple joint techniques, I've slim-down to 178lbs from 186 and have shaved off 4% body fat. I've substantially increased my energy levels, conditioning intensity, strength and stamina. I've also noticed increased results in the competitive sports I play including baseball, basketball, and skiing- particularly halfway through a game or slope-day, when everyone else seems to wind down. In particular, the combination of constant cardio-like movements combined with the weight resistance of kettlebell training has really appealed to me. There's an incredible world of motion and new techniques that I've never been exposed to prior and, its not like going through the same routine over and over again. The muscle confusion we've been able to create has really ignited my metabolism, and physique. I really owe much of these results to Christian, who's been a like a great tough coach. He doesn't let you cheat, and he teaches techniques one could learn and use for life."
Nick Park New York, NY